How To Raise A Mogul Entrepreneur

Interview With Tamara Zantell

This week I interview an inspiring mother and entrepreneur who is teaching her daughter the how to be a mogul entrepreneur.

Tamara Zantell is an entrepreneur, business professional, and most importantly a mother who has been inspiring and motivating people for years. Working for over 10 years as a management consultant and 15 years as the Chief Operating Officer for the largest chiropractic office in Western New York, she helped clients built strong community relationships, deliver excellent customer service while creating a diversity environment via, culture, goals, and structure.

As the mother to teen entrepreneur, Zandra A. Cunningham, CEO of Zandra, Tamara has extensive knowledge in launching a national brand, generating revenue, partnership development, and preparing young CEOs for success.

Show Theme: How To Raise A Mogul Entrepreneur

How have You Been Able To Instill Purpose Into You Children?

I have been able to instill purpose into my children and finding out what their wants and desires are. My children have become purpose driven because I have exposed them and taught them to be creative thinkers. I am constantly asking my children what really makes them happy.

My success conversation I have with my children all lead to Accomplishment on a daily, monthly, yearly. We celebrate every week and don’t wait for the bug payout, but celebrate them along the journey. I teach my children to define success for themselves.

What’s Been The Biggest Obstacle That You’ve Had To Overcome As You Have Helped You Daughter Build Her Business?

Supporting my children dreams, while building and reaching my own dreams. The balance of it all can be really hard. Trying to divide my time between being a mom, manager, career woman.

Some of the lessons learned along the way:

1. Hold tight and be strong.
2. Be transparent with you children and let them know what your dreams are too.
3. Expose your children to what you are doing when it comes to business.

How Important Is It That Parents Teach Their Children About Goals?

I believe that goal setting and goal planning is crucial. We plan together and talk it out so we all are on the same page. It keeps communication open with your children and lets everyone know what the expectations are.

As A Parent, What Are Some Steps I Can Take With A Child Who Has An Interest In Starting Their Own Business?

1. Mindset is #1. You want to make sure they understand the sacrifices they will have to make in starting a business.

2. Talk with your child about what the “thing” is & who the target market is. Building the basics for the business. Your child has to be involved with the entire process. The child will not respect the business if they are not involved.

3. It is also important for the parent to understand that the business the child wants to start is not “their baby”. The child is your baby, but the business is not. The child needs to be in control of their own dreams and vision.

Your One Thing Questions

Describe yourself in with one word & share why?

My one word is Determined. I am just focused and determine to make it happen, whatever it is. That is just who I am.

What’s One Online Resources that Has Enhanced Your Porductivity?

Right now I am just in love with Asana. I am managing 5 different projects with my teams and it really works for us.

What Is One Book That Has Had The Greatest Impact On You

It is hard for me say one book. I am such a book junky. Right now I am reading Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

Profit First is a very important concept. Many of us have the mindset that we have to wait to see the fruits of our labor. The book has helped me think differently about profits in our business.

What Is One Ritual You Have That Keeps Focus & Productive?

Meditation. My quiet time is so important to me. That can mean me being in prayer, just being still, or just taking time our for me.

If you had a million dollars, whats one thing you would immediately invest in?

I would immediately invest in Done For You Services. I feel like I spend a lot of time on a lot of the busy work in the business, so I could focus more on my sweet spots in my business.

If You Could Meet Any Major Leader Or Entrepreneur, Who Would It Be?

I have know idea. I have always wanted to sit in the room with individuals like Maya Angelou. Because I am a reader, I feel like I get what I need. I feel like everyone has something to bring to the table, so their is not just one person I feel like I would just have to meet.

strong>What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do With Your Spare Time?

I love to ravel and eat. I am a complete foody. I love culture and love to be everywhere.

What’s One Last Piece Of Advice You Want To Leave With The Listening Audience?

I have to tell you how important it is to control your environment. Whatever that means to get you to the next level. Whatever your mission and goal, get around other people who understand what you are wanting to do. Ask for what you need and latch on to others who are doing what you want to do.

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