Total Mind, Body & Spirit Construction With Jeff McMahon

The School Of Purpose Podcast Episode #28

Today’s episode I interview Jeff McMahon. Jeff has been a trainer for a decade working with over 700 people; and now taking his talents to the online world training individuals like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Podcast, Rich Brooks, Trivia Barber, & Jadah Sellner, just to name a few.

Jeff is an orthopedic rehab specialist and a blackbelt in tae kwon do. He has a passion for helping people and helping them transform their lives mentally, physically, & nutritionally.

Show Theme: Total Body Reconstruction: Get Fit

How Do You Define Purpose & What Does Success Mean To You?

Purpose to is knowing what you do every single day means the most to you in your heart. When you wake up and when you go bed, you have a smile on your face that you made a difference in the world.

Success the smile is what the success is about. Success can’t always be monetarily driven. Success for me is having clients from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and having a smile on my face knowing I helped someone.

What’s Been The Biggest Obstacle That You’ve Had To Overcome As An Entrepreneur?

The biggest obstacle for me is being a personal trainer at a brick & mortar gym and transitioning into the online world. Having to learn all the technology was challenging and were some of my biggest hurdles. Additionally, it was challenging for not to fall into the shiny object syndrome as I was building my virtual training program.

What are three principals to consider if I am a trainer who wants to get into virtual training?

1. Get started.
2. Email me at
3. Test out your training programs virtually with 1 or 2 of your clients.

What are three principals to consider if I am a potential client of a trainer who wants the total body construction?

1. You must change the story you are telling yourself about your health. You must begin to change your story by changing your mindset.
2. Set your mind on something bigger than you to help keep you motivated and inspired.
3. You have to have a strategy. Strategy helps to eliminate distraction.

What advise would you give the person who is working a job they are not passionate about, & ready to make aa shift into something they are passionate about & feel is more purposeful?

1. Don’t quit your day job. Use it as a resource to help bridge the gap between your day job and your dream job.
2. Educate yourself utilizing free resources like Youtube and free online courses.

Your One Thing Questions

Describe yourself in with one word & share why?

Happy: I chose “happy” because I love what I do everyday.

What’s One Online Resources that Has Enhanced Your Porductivity?

Zoom! Zoom is my best friend. I use Zoom for my sessions and meet with my clients.

What Is One Book That Has Had The Greatest Impact On You

ASK by Ryan Levesque:Teaches you how to create surveys and ask the right questions to potential clients so you know what they want.

If you had a million dollars whats one thing you would immediately invest in?

I would immediately invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so people can connect and access my content online. When people search for personal training, I want my content come up at the top of Google.

What Is One Ritual You Have That Keeps Focus & Productive?

Water and hydration. Many people fail to truly understand the power of water when it comes to you cognitive ability.

If You Could Meet Any Major Leader Or Entrepreneur, Who Would It Be?

Tony Robbins: I follow Tony’s path because he is always helming others. Additionally, I would just love to pick Tony’s brain.

What Is Your #1 Favorite Aspect Of Being An Entrepreneur?

Seeing my business grow. I get to decide the more effort I put into it and the more it grows it is a direct reflection of me.

What’s One Last Piece Of Advice You Want To Leave With The Listening Audience?

Don’t be afraid to fail. You have to start somewhere and just get started.

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