We are in the final quarter of 2017. Where are you on the accomplishment of those goals you set at the beginning of the year?

This week I share 5 keys on “How To End The Year Strong”. If you have missed the mark, then know you still have time to realize your goals before the year ends.

Now, is not the time to put your goals off for 2018, but it is the time for you FOCUS and LEAN in. Listen to today’s episode and share your thoughts with me at http://www.markeithbraden.com

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10 Must Avoid Mistakes When Starting A Online Business

Do you have a desire to start an online business or build your personal brand of influence? After 3 years of building my own speaking and coaching business online, I have learned many lessons along the way.

Today’s episode I am sharing the lessons learned along the way so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. The best lessons learned many times are the lessons you can learn from others mistakes.

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Good Day!,

Can you believe we have reached another Friday? These weeks are going by extremely fast, and sometimes it seems I just can’t get everything done.

Do you ever feel that way?

This week I spent quite a bit of time listening and watching Tony Robbins Youtube videos.

In listening to Tony’s videos, I realized something about myself I never really considered. As I endeavor to fulfill my own goals and dreams, perhaps it is not that I’m doing the wrong things, but just maybe I’m not practicing enough of the right things to fulfill my heart’s desire.

These three simple words – Decide, Commit & Resolve stood out the most to me as I engaged and took notes, watching Tony teach on How To Be
Successful At Any Task.

In the above video I share with you personal lessons learned and how you can be successful at any task by applying these simple, but powerful truths.

You have so much potential within you. I am absolutely sure, if you apply the principles I discuss in this video, you will experience greater progress and more success.

Watch or listen to the video and let me know what you plan to Decide, Commit & Resolve on.

Welcome to my very first Forward Friday Email Blast. Can you believe it is already March? The older I get, the more I feel time goes by so quickly. Today, I better understand the adage, “time waits for no man or woman.”

Maximizing my time is the name of the game. There really is no more time to waste. If you are going to do It, whatever your It is, now is the time to do It.

You might ask, how do I get It done? I am so glad you asked. The answer to the question is really simple. You must Decide to get it done. The root meaning of the word Decide is to Cut Off.

What are some things you need to Cut Of in order to create the results you want in life and work. Ultimately the choice is yours.

In the video above I share with you three ways you can create the life & work you truly want. If you are not living the life you desire, then you definitely want to watch this short video.

I share three tips I learned from Jack Canfield’s book Success Principles. Each tip is practical and implementable. You can create the life you want, if you just decide.

Life is so short, and you need to be intentional about creating the life of your dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to drop you a quick video note of inspiration. I could not let the day go by without sharing something with you.

I am so thankful that you are apart of my School Of Purpose family. I look forward each week to sharing with you.

Enjoy your family and loved ones today. You have so much to be thankful for. Always Shoot For The Top! Because It Is The Bottom That is Overcrowded.

We are keeping our video blog going this week. This purpose driven tribe seems to respond more to Vlogs, than written blogs.

In this video I share with you the first of a two part video series. In this video we will cover 5 of the 10 principles, and the other five will be shared in a later video soon to come.

If we are to change our results, we must first change how we think. Everything first begins with a thought. What you think about you bring about. Consider any successful person you know. How do you think they achieved their success? I can guarantee it had a lot to do with their mindset.

These five tips on how successful people think, will help you refocus your priorities and inspire you to renew your mindset. Watch or listen to the video and let me know your thoughts.

    1. Don’t listen to the limiting voice.
    2. Take massive action everyday.
    3. Define your mission and your purpose.
    4. Face your doubts.
    5. Set boundaries.

Always Shoot For The Top! Because It Is The Bottom That is Overcrowded.

This week, I decided to do something a little different for you. Most often, I send you a email of my latest blog post, sharing my thoughts on a particular topic that may have presented me some challenge, or presented my clients, friends or family a challenge.

Instead typing this weeks blog post, I decided to record a video for you. I really like video because it provides multiple ways for you to consume the content. You can watch it at home or at work, or you can simply listen to the audio during your drive to and from work.

In this video I share with you 5 simple and practical principles that will help you get unstuck and get into action. You don’t have to stay in your stuck place. You have the power to change any situation that is before you. Watch or listen to the video and share with me your thoughts in the comments below.

Always Shoot For The Top! Because It Is The Bottom That is Overcrowded.

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