I HATE My Job: 6 Steps To Finding A Job You Love

Guest Post & Podcast Interview with Dwayne Cash, CEO of Amplify Recruiting

Today, I share a interview I did with one of my good friends, Dwayne Cash. Dwayne Cash is the Founder of Amplify Recruiting, a boutique recruiting agency that partners with Fortune 500 companies to find and hire talent across several critical business areas including marketing, sales, research, analytics, HR and others. Having spent his entire […]

We are keeping our video blog going this week. This purpose driven tribe seems to respond more to Vlogs, than written blogs.

In this video I share with you the first of a two part video series. In this video we will cover 5 of the 10 principles, and the other five will be shared in a later video soon to come.

If we are to change our results, we must first change how we think. Everything first begins with a thought. What you think about you bring about. Consider any successful person you know. How do you think they achieved their success? I can guarantee it had a lot to do with their mindset.

These five tips on how successful people think, will help you refocus your priorities and inspire you to renew your mindset. Watch or listen to the video and let me know your thoughts.

    1. Don’t listen to the limiting voice.
    2. Take massive action everyday.
    3. Define your mission and your purpose.
    4. Face your doubts.
    5. Set boundaries.

Always Shoot For The Top! Because It Is The Bottom That is Overcrowded.

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