Brand Me with Keenya Kelly

This week I interview an entrepreneur and branding expert who is creating a business that growing by leaps and bounds.

As an accomplished business executive, teacher and inspirational speaker, Keenya Kelly found her voice by writing & speaking about today’s business world and how ultimate success is simply a form of art.

She captures her audiences by conveying powerful lessons of discipline and personal development that can be applied to everyday life.

She believes that in order to broaden your knowledge base, it is imperative to keep up with the latest industry trends, strategies and fresh ideas that help you master the art of success.

Keenya is the founder and CEO of If You Brand It, a branding and consulting firm in Houston, Texas where she works with business owners to strategically build visually appealing online brands.  

Show Theme: The Brand Called “Me”

What does purpose mean to you?

I believe God created us all for a reason. The gift you have is to fulfill a purpose. Purpose is what you are created to do. It is the naturally who you are.

How do you define success?

Success is defined different for different individuals. Success to me is to do what it is I’m called to do & what I want to do, without being stressed about performance.

What’s Been The Biggest Obstacle That You’ve Had To Overcome?

My biggest obstacle definitely is my overcoming myself. I had to conquer what I expected myself to be. Once I accepted me I attracted the success I desired.

Where should one start if they are ready to launch out on their own and start a business?

1. Write down what you are really good at doing naturally.
2. Consider the top 3 reasons what people call you for.

What is a personal brand?

Everything you do has a footprint. Branding is what people say about you when you are not around. What is it that you want people to know?

What are 3-5 things the emerging entrepreneur should consider before starting their business?

1. Slow down to speed up. Who is going to buy your product or service.
2. Build a brand that will attract the customer/client you want.
3. Look at your messaging and make sure it targets and attracts your ideal audience.
4. Review your website. You can’t look bootleg if you want people to purchase your products.
5. Launch a marketing campaign to attract the clients you want.

Your One Thing Questions

Describe yourself in with one word & share why?

My one word is Strong. Typically when people meet me they will feel something.

What’s One Online Resources that Has Enhanced Your Porductivity?

Facebook Groups have really propelled my business.

What Is One Book That Has Had The Greatest Impact On You

The Bible! In particular Proverbs 31. For me, reading about the proverbs 31 woman help me to see a woman with great strength and a soft side. I am currently reading Kingdom Women.

What Is One Ritual You Have That Keeps Focus & Productive?

My calendar and email really help me to stay focus and productive.

If you had a million dollars, whats one thing you would immediately invest in?

I would immediately invest in graphic designers in the United States.

If You Could Meet Any Major Leader Or Entrepreneur, Who Would It Be?

Shalene Johnson, because she started her business from scratch and really prioritize family at the same time.

What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of Being An Entrepreneur?

Time freedom and being able to be at home. I didn’t like working for someone else.

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do With Your Spare Time?

Watching movies on Netflix, traveling around and eating at new restaurants.

What’s One Last Piece Of Advice You Want To Leave With The Listening Audience?

I encouraged everyone they should have job that pays the bills, a dream that you are working towards, and a hustle to finance the dream.

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