Meet Markeith

Markeith knows and believes that his purpose is to empower, equip and inspire leaders and influencers to Lead & Succeed On Purpose. Whether speaking to children, teenagers, or adults it is without any doubt, Markeith is on a mission to transform lives and impact all whom he has the opportunity to speak and train

Utilizing his years as a teacher and corporate trainer, Markeith’s creates a learning environment that is purposeful and inspiring. In his talks, Markeith provides humor, excitement and thought provoking experiences that audience members want and the substance that meeting planners value.

Markeith will show your people how to:

    1. Take ownership of their individual success and performance every day.
    2. Lead effectively and be a change agent & individual of influence.
    3. Be an individual who adds value to their organization(s) & lead with confidence.
    4. Be an individual of purpose and vision that inspires others to action.
    5. Communicate with power & confidence to inspire transformation.

Markeith speaks to the heart and spirit of each individual to connect in a way that is uniquely powerful. His personal story resonates with audiences on a personal level, offering practical principles of success and leadership that will transform average achievers into phenomenal achievers.

Get To Know Markeith A Little More


Markeith’s strategies, teaching & communication style come from his experience as both a minister , high school teacher, college professor & healthcare corporate trainer. Having faced many of the same personal and organizational challenges his audiences have endured, Markeith really “gets it.”

Because he has been there, he speaks to the intangibles and practical experiences that ultimately connect the dots between theory and implementation. He uses elements of his personal journey from his life and career to remind his audiences the value and purpose they have within, so they can ultimately create the success they desire.


Over the years Markeith has been awarded various awards throughout his professional career. Markeith was voted one of Nashville’s Black “40 under 40”. He has also been awarded an honorary membership into the Golden Key Honor Society by Tennessee State University. When it comes to civic engagements, Markeith has been awarded various community service awards from his fraternity and other organizations which he has served faithfully.

Humble Beginnings

Born and reared in Nashville, Tennessee Markeith is the oldest of 4 children raised by a single strong Christian mother. Never having much of a relationship with his father, Markeith found himself fighting tirelessly to find his true identity and embrace his unique personality.

Being a very observant young man and a visionary at a young age, Markeith gleaned many life lessons from role models within his church, school and community.

Like many older siblings reared in a single parent home, Markeith had responsibility & leadership thrust upon him at a very early age. Witnessing his mother work two and three jobs his entire childhood, Markeith decided at an early age that education would be the key to creating a better life for himself and his family.

Refusing to allow his situation to determine his fate in life, Markeith decided to pursue his dreams of becoming the first in his family to graduate from college and to go on to graduate school.

Although labeled an average student in high school, Markeith excelled academically in college making the deans list several semesters and receiving academic scholarships throughout his college tenure. Markeith completed his undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry at Kentucky State University in 2001.

Markeith returned to Nashville to earn a masters degree in public health from Meharry Medical College, where he was elected President of the MPH graduate program and selected to receive a scholarship as an Abbott Laboratories Healthcare Administration fellow.

Markeith is passionate about serving people, and both his personal life and professional career speaks to his unwavering desire to serve and uplift people. Markeith’s belief in the importance of mentorship and outreach to underprivileged youth led him to serve as a biology and chemistry teacher for three years in inner city of Nashville, TN.

While a teacher, Markeith founded Men of Distinction, a mentoring program for young men ages 13 to 18 and was the head track coach. It was during his years of teaching when Markeith realized he wanted to create a company that would be about the business of inspiring and empowering others to realize their potential, stand out and lead passionately. Markeith’s passion for seeing others succeed and realize their personal greatness is truly a calling.

Today, as a tireless advocate for personal improvement & empowerment, Markeith is a high energy, high content, high impact speaker and coach. Markeith’s expertise in the fields of character development, soft skills training, leadership, & success is valuable to any organization.

Markeith has received many awards and recognitions from various organizations. The ultimate mission of Markeith Braden Inspires, is to help individuals and organizations become who they were meant to be, and inspire them to do the work they were meant to do.

Your Audience

When Markeith hits the stage, he does more than inspire the audience, he entertains with high-energy & engagement. Utilizing both his speaking and singing skills Markeith draws in the audience unlike your normal speaker or presenter. His talks are so relevant and timely, they have become favorites among professional associations, corporations, government agencies, & universities.

After just a few minutes with Markeith, his quick wit and down-home style transforms the atmosphere and allows everyone in the audience to feel like they are just having a conversation with a friend who desires to help them better themselves. Markeith Braden’s life is one that we can all celebrate as proof that success isn’t about where you start, but where you choose to finish!


To inspire and empower individuals to live inside their purpose and fully realize their potential, so they manifest the success they desire and leave a legacy of greatness.


Markeith Braden Inspires, exists to give individuals the clarity, confidence, and accountability they need to Lead and Succeed On Purpose in both life and work.

Core Values

God First – Realizing that all things are a blessing from the creator.
Unconditional Love – Everyone wants to feel valued even at their worst.
Purpose – To know why you are here and what you are to do with it the life you have.
Humility – The greatest among you shall be the one who serves.
Authenticity – Never be a cheap copy of another, always be an original.
Gratitude – Thankfulness is the key to new opportunities.
Self-Discipline – The courage to say “Yes” and “No” at the proper time
Education – You never arrive. Class is always in session.

Words To Live By