I want to get into your head today and challenge you to really consider the questions I ask in the video. If you can answer these questions with sincerity and passion, you are on the right path to fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

Take a look at today’s video and be inspired to take massive action towards a major goal this week. Just click the picture below.

Shift Your Life!

Get UnStuck And Be Unstoppable With Yakinea Marie

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Yakinea Marie Duff. Yakinea Marie Duff, a resident of Birmingham, AL, is the Founder and CEO of the I Am Woman Network, LLC a network that empowers businesswomen, entrepreneurs and professionals for economic development. S. Yakinea Marie is a Life and Business Catalyst, Transformational Speaker, […]

Yakinea Marie

Dr. Will Moreland Shares How To Shift Into Your Genius

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Dr. Will Moreland. Dr. Will Moreland is one of the most prolific speakers of our time. Dr. Will is a bestselling author and leadership expert, known as America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer. This powerful young man is transforming lives and organizations around the world. His […]

Dr. Will Moreland

Victory Is Your Birthright!

Good Morning Friends! Just seeing the word Victory places a smile on my face. However, there have been times in my life when I didn’t feel so victorious. Have you ever been there? I recently came across an old devotional I wrote many years ago. After reading it, I thought it would be a great […]

Victory logo template

Prepare Your Mind For Success with Dr. Denise Dennis

Do You Have A Side Business You Want To Grow? This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Dr. Denise Dennis, The Side Business Strategist. Dr. Denise Dennis has worked in the fields of education, training and coaching for over 20 years. She has an earned Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology and also holds […]


Have you made up your mind that you will accomplish your goals in 2015? Have you made up your mind that no matter what you have to endure you will achieve your dreams?

I have decided, my dream of becoming an International Inspirational Speaker and sought after Transformational Life/Career Coach will be fulfilled in my lifetime.

I have decided whatever it takes, I am willing to make the sacrifice.

I have Made Up My Mind. With God all things are possible. Click the image below to listen to this weeks Inspirational Moment.

What Decision Must You Make To Shift Your Life To The Next Level?

Release Your Natural Born Passion

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Marc MaWhinney. Marc shares with us how to release our natural born passion so we can live the life of our dreams. Marc MaWhinney, a native of Canada is a lifelong entrepreneur who began his coaching business after starting several other companies, including one that […]

Marc Mawhinney

How To Step Into Your Authentic Purpose And Live Fearless and Fabulous

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Teri Harrison. Teri shares with us how we can live fearless and fabulous lives by stepping into our authentic purpose and live out our passion unapologetically. Teri Harrison is a personal development expert and inspirational thought leader for women entrepreneurs. With her signature programs and […]

Teri Harrison