Judah Lando Shares Keys To Shifting Your Health & Fitness In 2016

Change Your Mindset & Your Body Will Follow

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Judah Lando. Judah, is the founder and owner of Provokd Fitness and Nutrition Solutions. He is an ACSM certified personal trainer and a COPE certified health coach. Judah has 10 years of fitness and nutrition training experience and is changing lives everyday one person at […]


Press On – 4 Keys To Pressing Beyond Your Troubles

Part 2 of Troubles Will Come In 2016 - How Will You Respond?

Good Wednesday Morning!, another Wednesday morning is here and I am excited to share with you this week again. Last week I shared with 3 keys to responding to your troubles in 2016 in a positive and mature way. From the response I received via email, it seems as though that video provided some value […]

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Ready To Face Fear – Just Do It

Podcast Interview With Ready For Spanish CEO LeShawnda Fitzgerald

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview LeShawnda Fitzgerald. LeShawnda is a native of Nashville, TN and is the founder and owner of Ready For Spanish. LeShawnda Fitzgerald is a passionate mother of two, and creative entrepreneur who brings excellence and new vision in all pursuits. She is a Master Teacher and […]


Trouble Will Come In 2016. How Will You Respond?

Part 1 - 3 Of The 7 Keys To Keep Focus During Troubled Times

We are already mid way through our first week of the year. If we are not careful we will look up and end of the year will be here. I really hope your week has gotten of to a great start and you have pressed full steam ahead in realizing your best life. There are […]


2016 Is The Year Of Victory

6 Lessons Learned From 2015 To Create Success In 2016

Happy New Year! You made it to another year. We are so blessed to have an opportunity to press a little ways more towards our destiny. 2015 was a very interesting and exciting year for me. There were some high highs and some low lows. Through it all, I made it and learned so much […]


The True Path To Success Is Massive Action

Light's.... Camera..... Action....

Good Wednesday Morning! The year is coming to a close and I am so thankful to be able to say, its been a pretty good year. My hope is you are able to say the same. Before you can achieve any vision or dream in life, you must have a firm belief in yourself and […]

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If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It

Your First Step Is To Believe In Yourself

We are on our third email in our series 4 Keys to Unlocking Vision for Your Life. Let’s recap! In email 1, I shared the first key to unlocking your vision is you must “Be Honest About Your Starting Point.” Email 2, I shared “once you know the starting point you must now chart your […]


Never Underestimate Your Starting Point

I recently viewed a video by Dr. Cindy Trimm, minister, business coach and life strategist, in which she discussed the Power of Vision. After viewing the video, I wrestled with the questions she presented and this one question consistently came to the forefront of my mind. What have been my greatest hindrances to having a […]

Starting Point

Would’ve | Could’ve | Should’ve

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Anderson Some time ago I read Dan Miller’s book Wisdom Meets Passion. In this wonderful book, Dan provides unique and inspiring insight on how to uncover your life’s calling. Additionally, Dan challenges the reader […]

Could've Didn't