Keys To Creating Extraordinary Relationships

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview Jason Treu. Jason teaches individuals how to build Extraordinary Relationships. Jason is a business and executive coach. He’s a leading expert on influence, networking and leadership. At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true “wealth.” He […]

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Have you ever asked yourself “What is the major difference between one who succeeds and one fails? “ Or perhaps, you have asked, “What makes the great great?”

In my pursuit of answering these two questions, I have found a common characteristic among the highly successful and influential, that characteristic is focus. FOCUS is a major principle that leads to ultimate accomplishment and fulfillment.

Although we live in a day and age where our work environments and culture embraces the concept of multi-tasking, I have come to learn that focus produces better results. In an article I recently read, a MIT neuroscientist and professor stated,

“Multitasking is a human delusion. For the most part, humans simply can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, what we can do is shift our focus from one thing to the next with astonishing speed.” I call this time splicing. We literally stop one project and start another before completion.

John Dumas, founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, created an acronym for the word FOCUS, which I have adopted. He defines focus as “Follow One Course Until Success.” The number one reason why most people fail to get what they want in life and from life is their lack of focus.

We often start a task or project, but never complete it. When you focus you laser in on a definite result and you stick with it until you get the result you desire. It is the lack of focus that yields unwanted results. People who focus on what they want, prosper.

Those who don’t focus, struggle on manifesting their dreams and visions. Whatever you want in the years ahead, the power of focus can help you achieve your desires.

Take a look at this video by Tony Robbins on “The Power of Focus.”

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Good Morning!

Another week has come and gone. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish last week? What about today? If you did not, have you ask yourself WHY?
If your anything like me, you might have a tendency to ask yourself, “where did the day go”, or you might make the statement, “there is just not enough hours in the day.” However, by asking myself WHY I did not accomplish what I wanted to, forced me to ask another crucial question.

Markeith, are your truly committed to realizing your dreams? What I realized, when I asked myself this question, was I was not as committed to realizing my dream as I thought I was.

Committed: Feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job; wholeheartedly dedicated.

In today’s inspirational moment video, I share 3 practical habits that have helped me to become more committed to creating the life of my dreams. Since implementing these three daily habits, I have become more focused and intentional in my life.

I earnestly desire to see each of you truly commit to realizing your dreams. It’s up to make it happen. Make the commitment today, not another day will go by without me being fully committed in action, word and deed towards realizing my dreams.

What new habits can you start to help you become more committed to realize your dreams?

It’s Time To SHIFT!

Strategize Your Life with LaDonna Bracy

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview LaDonna Bracy. LaDonna teaches individuals how to achieve measurable, tangible success through planning. LaDonna has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. She owned and operated a home daycare business […]

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Good Morning Friends!

Oh my! It has been a couple of weeks since we last connected. Where does the time go. Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my absence. My only excuse is, I have been very busy hosting my very first series of workshops here in Nashville, Shift Your Life University.

I am back on track now and ready to continue providing you inspiring weekly msgs that will help to SHIFT you from where you are, to where you desire to be in life and/or your career.

This weeks video blog was inspired by an article I read in Entrepreneur Magazine entitled, If Your Not Happy, Stop Complaining And Make A Change. I enjoyed this quick read, because it reminded me how far I have come in my own life.

Once upon a time, I was a complainer. I was that person who seemed to always complain about my life situations, while constantly asking God when would my life get better. Then, it all begin to click for me once I started spending time investing in me through prayer, meditation, reading and studying.

I realized, everything I complained about was something I had the power to change. My life got extremely better once I decided to take 100% responsibility for the results my life actions produced. I needed not wish that my situation would change, but I needed to change myself. Once I changed, everything about my situations changed.

Here are the 4 keys from the article that will get you on track to making the lasting change you need towards a happier life:
1. Determine why you are unhappy.
2. Change your attitude.
3. Create a plan of action to reach the happiness you desire.
4. Take action and don’t look back.

What’s one life complaint you need to let go of and make that change?

It’s Time To SHIFT!

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!

How are you doing? My hope is that you are doing exceptionally well and that your day has gotten off to a great start.

The weeks are going by extremely fast. Sometimes I feel I’m always busy doing something and life is passing me by. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like life is living you, instead of you living life.

This year I have endeavored to be more intentional about truly living life. There are so many things I desire to do, however, I have learned to be present in my now and live in the moment. Tomorrow is really not promised to anyone.

As, I type this note to you, I am one week away from having my very first live event here in Nashville, TN. Next Wednesday, I will be launching Shift Your Life University. Shift Your Life University is personal development organization that will provide live and online Life Transformation coaching sessions, workshops and seminars to help individuals gain clarity and confidence about their purpose, passion and calling.

I am so excited about this and a little nervous at the same time. However, even though I am nervous, I have decided to pursue my dream and put all the cards on the table. Too many years have gone by without me realizing my dreams. I have decided to live life intentionally on purpose.

If you live in Nashville, I would love to see you. You can register by clicking the picture below.

Shift Your Life!

Happy Thursday!

Yes, I know it’s not Wednesday morning, but it is morning.

I got slightly side tracked on yesterday and didn’t have a chance to send out the inspirational moment. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

I want to share with you today that no matter your circumstance, your outcome will be determined by your response. We all have to endure adversity in life, but what matters most is how we respond to the adversity.

I like what Les Brown says, “Adversity introduces and man or and woman to him or herself.” You see, we learn a lot about ourselves when faced with challenges and tight situations. My encouraging word for you today, is no matter the circumstance, you can blossom where you are.

There have been many times I could have chosen to be bitter, depressed, unforgiving, or angry about the many things I had to endure. However, I thank God for empowering me to choose to always have an Attitude of Gratitude. I learned to make the best of the hand I’ve been dealt.

Take a look at today’s video and be inspired. Also, share this video and email with a friend so they too can be inspired and encouraged.

In times of adversity how do you usually respond?

Shift Your Life!

Midlife Is Not Too Late, You Can Still Shift Your Life

This Episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast, I interview The Midlife Strategy Coach Katherine Hosie. Katherine Hosie has been coaching full-time since 2003. She has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience and now works primarily with men in leadership roles that are frankly bored with their life. Katherine supports men in finding a new […]

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Happy Wednesday!

Whew….. It was hot trying to record this video, but I got it done.

I am so excited to be sharing another inspirational moment with you this morning. I look forward to Wednesday’s, because I get to inspire and uplift you with my unique gift.

I recently read a book entitled The Wealth Choice, by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. In his book, Dr. Kimbro has a chapter titled, To Thine Own Self Be True.Today’s inspirational moment was inspired from that chapter.

Here is a quick quote from the book that should cause you to think about what is possible for your life when you remain true to who you are, and pursue your Godly purpose.

It has been written that a fish cannot drown in water, a bird does not fall in air, and each of God’s creatures must live in his or her own true nature. – Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Take a look at today’s video and be inspired. Are you truly living in your own true nature?

Shift Your Life!