“SYL Podcast Show 002: “Let’s Get Recharged””
by Markeith Braden

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The Shift Your Life Podcast


Aprille Franks-Hunt is an author, speaker, life & business advisor, as well as a multi-faceted business professional, who walked away from a successful career to pursue her passion of inspiring women beyond motivation. She is the author of, Confessions of an Independent Woman: Truth, Lies & Relationships.

Aprille Franks Hunt is the CEO of Women Recharged, whose mission is about helping women live more fabulous + electric lives personally & professionally. Additionally, Aprille is the Founder of the very active FB group Coach, Speak & Serve, where the mission is to help Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals to leverage their message and INCREASE revenue in their businesses.


Why Is Purpose Important
-It is important for people to know that they were created for some reason.
-Can you answer the questions, Why Am I Here & What Was I Created To Do

How Has Knowing Your Purpose Enhanced Your Life
-It drives everything I do. I never have to question “Why Am Here” & Who Am I Here To Serve”
-Clarity is King. Clarity of purpose is the main reason why people are not profitable in their lives and business.
-Clarity is the road map to where you want to go. It is key to getting where you are to where you want to be.

What Has Been Your Biggest Obstacle To Following Your Passion
-Doing too much. Learning to say no to things not in alignment with my purpose.
-Not accepting my bigness and my being a unicorn.

Where Do I Start To Align Myself With Purpose and Passion
-Ask yourself the question what do I love and what loves me.
-Ask yourself what am I passionate about
-Ask yourself what brings you peace and what brings you joy.

What Is Your #1 Practice To Stay Motivated
-I always wake up every morning and give thanks for my blessings
-I consistently practice creating new products and programs. What are you creating for the world.

When Did You Realize You Can Turn Your Passion Into Income
-It was when I was actually working for someone and succeeded and decided I can do this exact same thing for myself. I realized their was something bigger for me.
-When someone was wanting to pay me when they had not even met me , I knew it was something bigger for me.
-Pay attention to your life and experiences.
-If you are feeling comfortable where you are, then you are not seeking anything.

What Is The Online Resources That Has Enhanced Your Productivity In Life or Business
-My Personal Assistant is my best resource.
-The reason cannot afford a assistant is because you don’t have one, but once you realize you can have one, you will get one.

What Book Are You Reading Now
-The 4 Hour Work Week (Tim Ferriss)
-Think & Grow Rich (Napolean Hill)

Parting Advice From Aprille
-Believe you can
-Change the habits that are keeping you from living your dreams. What’s holding you back?
-Make room for your success.

What Are You Excited About
-Adding a new component to my business called Coach, Speak and Serve.
-Starting a online magazine soon.
-Conference “The Fabulous New You” http://womenrecharged.com/new/conference/

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“SYL Podcast Show 001 “Intro Show””
by Markeith Braden

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The Shift Your Life Podcast
Saturday, February 28,2015


This is the very first episode of The Shift Your Life Podcast. In this show I share who I am and why I created The Shift Your Life Podcast.

Just to do a little something different, I asked my good friend Shawn Thompson, owner of Logo My Logo (A Promotional Products Company) to join me. Shawn interviewed me so that I might stay on track with delivering the right information as a introduction.

The Shift Your Life Podcast Mission: The mission of THE SHIFT YOUR LIFE PODCAST is help individuals SHIFT from just existing in life, into living a life filled with purpose, passion and prosperity.

The Shift Your Life Podcast Motto: The motto of THE SHIFT YOUR LIFE PODCAST is “success is the fulfillment of purpose, and the key to success is self mastery.”

Who Is The Podcast For: Anyone who desires to live inside their purpose and pursue their better and best life. This podcast is for the budding entrepreneurs, prallellpreneurs, and the individuals who have dreams and ideas lock-up within them and desire to birth those dreas and ideas out.

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The Science of Getting Rich (JonRose Publishing, 2014)

Here is a great book I read this month by Wallace D. Wattles. The book was written in the early 1900s, however, it is still relevant today as it was then.

“The Science of Getting Rich” is not one of those books that hypes you about getting rich quick, but it gives you the tools and practices one needs to create the wealth you want in your life.

Mankind has not changed. We still have the same basic needs, desires, and dreams. This book should be read a lot. In fact, this book should be read every day. It is a fantastic book to add to your library.

Good Morning!

I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. It’s Wednesday already and as promised here is a quick video just to get your day started.

Author and speaker Jim Rohn says, “You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” When I think about what Jim is saying, I can’t help but ask the question, are the people I call my friends helping me get closer to my dreams or keeping me away from my dreams?

In this video, I challenge you to do some introspective work concerning the current relationships you have. It’s time for a friend check. True friendships should cause you to grow and not allow you to become comfortable in not realizing your dreams.

Who Are The Individuals Surrounding You?

Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

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Good Morning!

I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. It’s Wednesday and I thought you could use a pep talk this week vs. a traditional blog post.

February is here. How are your goals coming along? Have you gotten a little complacent now that the year is in full swing? I certainly hope not. My hope is that you are running and pursuing your dreams with full intensity and tenacity.

In the video below I share with you three principles that will keep you pressing your way towards realizing your goals and dreams in 2015. Run the race of life this year with expectancy to win, no matter what.

Are You Playing Full Out To Realize Your Dreams In 2015?

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On Thursday, January 29th God called home my Granny, Ida Bell Watson at the rightful age of 85. What a long life she lived. She was an awesome woman of God who truly trusted God and took him at his word. My Granny was was a funny lady. She was a lady who took pride […]


Just Start Where You Are

We are in the final week of January and the first month of 2015 will be a thing of the past. Time goes by so quickly. I was sitting her thinking to myself, “what have I not accomplished thus far, that I wanted to accomplish in the first month?” As I pondered the question, there […]

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